Jin Shan, vice mayor of Ningbo, inspected Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to experience the intelligence and convenience of small worker collaborative robots

1. Visit the production workshop

Deputy Mayor Jin Shan came to the assembly workshop of the Xiaogong collaborative robot to understand the production and assembly process of the Xiaogong collaborative robot. She really felt the excellent product performance and powerful practical functions of the Xiaogong collaborative robot, and learned about the application of the Xiaogong collaborative robot. Its advantages in the field of machining and loading and unloading, and at the same time, it highly appraises the company's practice of deeply cultivating product technology in the subdivided application field of collaborative robots.


2. In-depth communication

Deputy Mayor Jin Shan had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Qu, the person in charge of Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., to discuss the difficulty in recruiting workers in the machining industry and the future planning of small-worker collaborative robots, and to care about the sales and brand of small-worker collaborative robots. The operation situation fully affirmed the operation concept and brand building of the excellent service provider of Xiaogong Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing.


3. The latest product display

At the end, Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. showed the newly developed product AGV car to the deputy mayor Jin Shan. This product is equipped with the latest vision system and positioning system, and can be matched with other small industrial collaborative robots to the greatest extent. Reduce the number of personnel in the factory and help the factory achieve the goal of fewer people and no one.

Vice Mayor Jin Shan visited Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. this time and felt the company's strong technical research and development capabilities and precise product positioning. Our Xiaogong collaborative robot is a multi-variety, small-batch, flexible, automatic loading and unloading robot workstation specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. All users in need are welcome to pay attention to and experience our Xiaogong collaborative robot.