Gather wisdom and strength, overcome difficulties together, and stimulate new vitality of intelligent manufacturing

Affected by the epidemic and the international situation, manufacturing demand has slowed down, exports have been suppressed, and the economic situation is grim. Facing such a predicament, only innovation can find new breakthroughs for enterprises and society.

The fourth member meeting of the second session of the Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Association was held on April 28, 2023. The meeting gathered representatives of enterprises representing the highest level in the field of intelligent manufacturing in Ningbo and the most cutting-edge technology applications. The new pattern focuses on promoting the instructions and requirements of high-quality development, discussing and planning the path and method of high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing, and contributing to the effective improvement of Ningbo's economy.

In this meeting, it was pointed out that the association always regards empowering the development of enterprises as the focus of its work, and uses this opportunity to provide enterprises with policy, talent, technology, business cooperation, etc., to build a bridge for cooperation between members of the association and enterprises in various regions. Also actively participate in the recommendation of member companies' declarations. The association always regards the improvement of service capabilities as a key task of the association, optimizes the talent structure of service institutions, vigorously promotes and recommends member companies, builds communication and cooperation platforms, holds various lectures, salons, and online forums, effectively enhancing the popularity of member companies.

Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this meeting and won the "Innovation Achievement Award" of Ningbo Zhizao. The association affirmed the company's achievements and contributions in technological innovation. Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s main product - Xiaogong Collaborative Robot is specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, and it is a multi-variety, small-batch, flexible automatic loading and unloading robot workstation. Interested users are welcome to come to Ningbo Bakewell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and experience Xiaogong collaborative robots.