The Fourth DME Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition Comes to an End: Small Worker Collaborative Robots: Multiple Varieties and Small Batch Partners!

From 2019 to 2022, the epidemic continued and the virus ravaged. Almost all industries have entered a period of stagnation in development, and so has the manufacturing industry. Now that the era of the epidemic is over, the industry urgently needs a platform to exchange information, learn technology, and promote its own brand. The 4th DME Dongguan International Machine Tool Exhibition is a great opportunity for manufacturing colleagues to exchange the latest industry information at this airport exhibition. On site, they can intuitively understand the performance and advantages and disadvantages of various enterprise products, which helps colleagues to judge the recent development trends.



More than 150000 industry partners have participated in this exhibition, and at the same time, more than 1000 domestic and foreign intelligent manufacturing enterprises have been invited to collaborate to create this super exhibition of the manufacturing industry in the South China region at the beginning of the spring! Brands include Mazak, Guosheng, Bond Laser, Han's Laser, Keshan Precision Machine, Taichuan, Zhengjie, Shanshan, Huaya CNC, Sandvik, British New Generation, Jinhuo, Baqi, Okada, Gunda Machinery, Kandi, Yangmu CNC, High tech, etc.



Ningbo Beckwell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. collaborates with its small worker collaborative robots to participate in this exhibition. Xiaogong Collaborative Robot and Mazak Machine Tool are participating in the exhibition. The following picture shows Mr. Cai from our company introducing Xiaogong Collaborative Robot to the visitors.



This exhibition has come to a complete end, please look forward to the exhibition information for March. Interested friends can visit the booth to learn more.