Invitation Letter | 2023CIMT Beijing Machine Tool Exhibition, Welcome to Small Worker Collaboration!

CIMT is the most well-known, large-scale, and influential machine tool professional exhibition in China; It is recognized by the international industry as one of the four major international machine tool exhibitions that cannot be missed, along with EMO in Europe, IMTS in the United States, and JIMTOF in Japan. The CIMT exhibition brings together advanced and applicable machine tool products from around the world, which is an international inspection for domestic buyers and users without going abroad.

We, a subsidiary of Ningbo Beckwell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., have jointly participated in the exhibition with our small worker collaborative robots and three enterprises - Aobo, Niigata, and Yijie. We sincerely invite everyone to visit booth E1-B205, E2-B305, and E1-B315 to exchange and explore the application of collaborative robots in various industries, and jointly build a tomorrow of intelligent manufacturing in China!

Aobo focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of collaborative robots. As an advanced provider of collaborative robots, AOBO has broken through long-term foreign monopolies and achieved localization of core components. It has developed the i-series, C-series, and E-series of collaborative robot products, which are widely used in industries such as 3C, automobiles, hardware and electrical appliances, medical health, scientific research and education, catering, new retail, logistics, etc.

Niigata Machinery Technology has been engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of machine tools for over 100 years, and the development of machining centers has also exceeded 50 years. The unparalleled technology established in a long history has created a highly stable horizontal machining center, providing customers with the best return on investment equipment.

Yijie Machine Tool is an established machine tool enterprise specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of dual head CNC machine tools. After years of development, Yijie CNC has formed multiple classic series products such as "Yijie" brand double head CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, etc. Among them, products such as single spindle double sided double row CNC machine tool automation unit, single spindle double sided double tower CNC machine tool, and automatic connecting equipment for parallel double spindle disc parts have received high market feedback.